Teen Counselling Prices

30 minute Initial Phone Consultation | Free

An initial phone call for up to 30 minutes, to ask any questions & see if you feel comfortable talking with me. It offers the opportunity to give a brief outline of why you are seeking therapy for your young person & how I may be able to help. There would be no obligation or pressure to commit to anything.

Please note that Parental/Guardian consent and assessment would be required before therapy could start with any young person under the age of 18 years.

90 minute Parent/ Guardian Assessment | £75

A 90-minute session before agreeing to offer therapy, to explore your young person’s needs from your perspective. We will also explore their whole social context including, the family setup/ relationships, culture, behaviour management, school, friends, health, and presenting issues. It will also look at your expectations and how I can work with your child and an agreed way of working together.

This is a valuable session where insights can be gained to support your young person, whether they choose to commit to therapy or not.

60 minute Teen Counselling Session Face-to-Face or Online | £60

Drawing on the theoretical approaches of Person Centred, CBT & Transactional Analysis (TA), and creative ways of working to support your young person in overcoming difficult emotions & thoughts around for example: anxiety; depression; anger; relationship difficulties; self-harm, suicide ideation, grief; loss & low self-esteem/confidence. Offered either Face to Face or online via Zoom

60minute  Parent Guardian Review  | £50

A 60-minute Review to discuss how therapy is progressing, with your young person, to look at other considerations and anything that the young person would like me to share with you.

This is usually offered any time after the first three sessions of therapy, in place of the young person’s weekly session, so as not to further increase the weekly financial commitment.

Offered face-to-face or online via Zoom

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