Introduction and Assessment

It’s important that as the parent/guardian that we meet without your child, in order for us to discuss your concerns fully. We would meet initially for 30 minutes to explore the idea of Courage2Be working with your child. Here you would have the opportunity to ask any questions, explore what you feel that your child needs and really get an understanding of how counselling could work with your child. If after 30 minutes we decide that Courage2Be is the right counselling service for your child then we would continue with the Child Therapy Assessment for the next hr, so please allow for 1.5hrs when you book.

Sometimes there is no obvious trauma or difficulty that a child is needing support to overcome, but behaviour, anxiety or low mood have become a cause for concern.

Parenting a child whilst beautifully rewarding is not easy, there is no manual on how to do it and we are all unique as individuals. So what may work for some may not for others and that’s ok. Courage2Be really recognise in this fast-paced, permanently switched on world that life can be really tough for all concerned. So occasionally, following the 30 minute Introduction session, it may become clear that as the parent/guardian, you may benefit from counselling and that by working in this way, your child’s behaviour, difficulties or your concerns about them may change without them having any therapeutic intervention.

It may be that difficulties arise sometimes due to a lack of communication and understanding between a parent and child, or, often as parent’s/guardians, we can focus so much on our children or life’s demands that we neglect ourselves or think we are hiding our own stresses and anxieties. Sometimes, it may be this unconscious detachment and uncertainty that children pick up on and react to. Courage2Be has yours and your child’s best interests at heart and believe it is important to explore all possibilities during the Introduction.

We would then arrange the first session for your child. Here we talk with your child about what counselling is, explore why they are coming to counselling and contract around timing, confidentially and safety within the room, in a child friendly way. Your child will then have the opportunity to explore the room and get to know the counsellor during the remainder of the session.  In order for counselling to work, space and time to build a relationship between the child and the counsellor is paramount and we would look for your support in this. Therefore, whilst you are welcome to stay initially during this session if your child needs that extra encouragement and support, we would look for you to disengage and leave the room as soon as your child starts to settle. It is really important that they get a sense early on that the counselling room is their space only.


If you would like to book an Introduction/Consultation then please do get in touch.


initial consultation


“If there is anything that we wish to change in the child, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves.”

Carl Jung

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