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Child Counselling Prices

90 minute Parent/ Guardian Assessment | £75

Before agreeing to work with your child, Courage2Be believes that it is important to establish a strong framework and alliance with parents and guardians so that the work undertaken in therapy by your child can benefit from a smooth transition and continuation when back at home. In order to achieve this, it is important to look at current patterns of relating, use of language, and power dynamics within the family unit.

The session is an opportunity for you to assess the services on offer and their appropriateness for your child and to explore yours and your child’s needs from your perspective. We will also explore their whole social context including, family setup/ relationships, culture, behaviour management, school, friends, health, and presenting issues.

From our perspective, we are looking to ensure that parents and guardians are open to change. For your child to be seeking therapy, something in their world is causing them difficulty and it can be easy to attribute that explicitly to problems such as a diagnosis or issues at school or with friends for example. However, contributing underneath this are likely to be issues around self-esteem, communication, confidence, and negative thoughts about themselves. Some of these patterns of relating have been learned through the way we as parents relate and communicate with our children. There is no parenting manual, it’s not likely to be intentional and we are all doing the best we can, based on our own understanding and life experiences – so there is absolutely no judgment.

However, to be able to work with your child there does need to be a willingness and openness from you to also look at your relating patterns if and where that comes up during your child’s therapeutic process.

This assessment session sets the foundation for this type of work to be able to support you through your child’s therapeutic journey. From many years of experience and training, it is our opinion that successful therapeutic outcomes with young people are achieved when parents and guardians are willing, where necessary to reflect, change and adapt also.

This is a valuable session where parenting insights can be gained to support your young person, whether they choose to commit to therapy or not.

60 minute Child Counselling Session Face-to-Face | £60

Drawing on creative and play therapy approaches to support your child in overcoming difficult emotions & thoughts around for example: anxiety; depression; anger; relationship difficulties; grief; loss & low self esteem/confidence.

60 minute Parent/Guardian Review  | £50

A 60-minute Review to discuss how therapy is progressing with your child, to look at other considerations and anything that the young person would like me to share with you.

This is usually offered any time after the first six sessions of therapy, in place of the young person’s weekly session, so as not to further increase the weekly financial commitment.

Offered face-to-face or online via Zoom

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