Janine Hodge, Integrative Psychotherapist, Play Therapist & Counselling Lecturer (MBACP)

Hello and a very warm welcome!

Counselling whilst very rewarding, does require time and a financial commitment whether you are looking for short or long-term support. I also appreciate that pausing to unpack the emotional suitcase that you’re carrying, takes courage and vulnerability. It may not feel easy to open up, especially to a stranger, so perhaps knowing a little about me may help you decide if you would like to stay and unpack here for a while.

I’ve definitely had my share of challenges and so I have had to face fear, loss and those messages of ‘not being good enough’. I have experienced first-hand, those dark days where even getting out of bed is an effort, battling an uphill struggle, feeling like I’m wading through treacle; every day as relentless as all others until I found myself at war with anxiety and depression, with little energy to fight!

Like all human beings, I’m learning to navigate the emotional rollercoaster of life. I’ve sat with the frustration of knowing that things needed to change without having a clue what that looks like or where to start. I’ve spent many years on that fast runaway train with no clue what I was running from or how to pause long enough to appreciate life and all of those precious moments.


I’ve fallen down many thought spiralling rabbit holes and I have been my absolute own worst enemy. I’ve had to learn how to heal in order to reconnect with emotions and people when independence and disconnection had become my safe haven. I’ve also had to work on boundary setting, picking myself up after a divorce and managing the struggles of single parenthood. Oh and the complexities around blended families. In fact, I could probably write a book, as could most of us I’m sure.

But if it wasn’t for these experiences I wouldn’t be where I am today. I truly believe that each one has helped shape my ability to fulfil my life’s purpose and I will forever be grateful for that.

Over the past five years, I have experienced first-hand how counselling can be the catalyst for change, healthy relationships with self and others, greater clarity, goal setting and overcoming pain, trauma and loss. I never fully appreciated how my own commitment to personal therapy and counselling training would offer a much happier and wholehearted way of living. No longer trapped by fearS of judgement, a harsh self-critic or by a fear of not measuring up in some way.

I’m sharing this because even though your suitcase will be full of completely different experiences to mine, hopefully, this gives you confidence that I have the capacity and the passion to meet each and every thought, feeling and experience with compassion, care, understanding and empathy.

I founded Courage2Be Counselling Services because of the journey it represents and it really seems to resonate with clients too. It’s a space to figure things out about yourself, your situation or your past experience. To work through the thought’s fears and emotions that are troubling you. A place to feel lighter, and a space to find the courage to be the version of you that feels the most authentic.

Whilst I love working with adults, I specialise as a child psychotherapist. Having spent over 17 years working with children, young people and their caregivers in education, SEN schools and care settings, I wanted to transfer this experience to work therapeutically with children.

Further counselling and psychology training has afforded me a depth of understanding around child development, therapeutic intervention and what they need to thrive. This along with a wealth of experience means that I successfully work therapeutically with children through creatively, play and talking therapy.

Success also comes through working closely with parents and caregivers to achieve healthy communication and emotion regulation for their children. When communication breaks down, emotions run riot and family members are triggered, it can feel like a really hopeless and chaotic state of affairs. My bespoke therapeutic and coaching programmes help to restore harmony, identify needs and offer positive focused solutions.

I have experience working with children with ASC and ADHD and in my spare time, I facilitate workshops for teens and parents and I enjoy teaching adult counselling students.

So if you like what you have read so far and you are interested in finding out more, please do not hesitate to contact me, no matter how small or large your emotional suitcase may be. If we agree that working together would be a positive step, then you are welcome to unpack for as long as you need.

Further information about Courage 2Be Counselling Services can be found across this website and also on Psychology Today UK the Counselling Directory   BACP- Find a Therapist  Welldoing.Org Google Facebook and yell.com

Chat soon

J x

Qualifications & Experience

Current Study Commitments

  • BSc Hons Psychology – The Open University – Completion May 2022
  • Level 5 Diploma Psychotherapeutic Counselling – Completion November 2021


Work Experience

  • Counsellor – Private Practice- Dunstable
  • Parenting Therapeutic Coach – Private Practice – Dunstable
  • Counsellor – With Challenging Behaviour Counselling Agency- Dunstable
  • Counsellor – With Place2be – School Based – London
  • Counselling Tutor- Further Education – Bucks College Group
  • Parenting Workshop Facilitator
  • Teenage Workshop Facilitator – Action4Youth
  • Support within main stream and SEN Schools
  • Ofsted approved Childminder/Nanny

Membership Bodies

  • BACP Registered Membership
  • BPS Membership
  • Current Enhanced DBS Check

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