Janine Hodge, MBACP, Counselling Lecturer

Life can become quite difficult and overwhelming at times. It can happen to any of us. We may have people around to help and support us, but sometimes that isn’t enough or it isn’t available. We may worry about being judged or being honest about how we feel incase it offends other people. Social, family and cultural pressures may leave us struggling to feel ‘good enough.’ Emotional difficulty and overwhelm can be frustrating at best or hugely impact on our mental health and resilience to cope.



 Counselling offers a unique relationship and a confidential space to explore emotional difficulties, life experiences, relationships and feelings about ourselves, without any judgement. It’s a safe space to explore what’s going on for you, to help uncover, understand, accept or change patterns that are no longer working for you.

Giving yourself the time to explore these difficulties is a healthy way of putting yourself first. It’s becoming more necessary in the demanding fast-paced, pressurised world of today. Too often we overlook our own needs or fail to give ourselves permission to acknowledge what’s okay and what isn’t. So many other things require our attention and there’s little time to process, reflect or start to heal from past trauma, loss or current fears and frustrations.


Working with Adults

Our first meeting would be to explore what you would like to achieve from counselling, your expectations and what working together would look like. You would always be valued and held at the centre of our counselling relationship.

To help further, you would have the benefit of different approaches to counselling which can be integrated within the counselling work to meet your individual needs. These approaches draw on the concepts of ‘Person-Centred’, ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ‘,’Transactional Analysis and working creatively if that is something that would interest you.

There is never any obligation to continue.  This is your journey and therefore finding the right counsellor to accompany you along the way is essential.

For children, regardless of any label that may be placed on them, not being heard and understood, especially when they do not have the literal language to express their worries and concerns, can lead to difficulties in behaviour and in regulating their emotions. Through their language of play, counselling can help them to communicate and work through their difficulties and untold stories. In doing so, this can build their resilience and help them to find healthy strategies for positive mental health, which in turn, can empower them and build their self-esteem, confidence and greatly enhance their learning, development and relationships.

So whatever choices you make regarding yours or your child’s wellbeing, I wish you the very best on your journey and I look forward to hopefully having the privilege of being a part of it. : )

Counselling Experience

Specialising in children’s counselling with over 15 years of experience working with children and young people within an education and care setting. Since January 2018, I have worked as a counsellor using the concepts of play therapy at Place2be, a children’s mental health charity based in London that provides counselling in primary and secondary schools.  Having young adults, teenagers and young children within my immediate family, also helps me to keep up to date with the types of struggles that young people face today. Helping them to connect with the true essence of who they are, and making sense of their world, in order for them to find their courage to be and thrive, is a real privilege.

As well as working in Private Practice, Since March 2018, I have worked with all age groups as a Counsellor at the Challenging Behaviour Counselling and Wellbeing Foundation. I am also a Counselling Lecturer and I really enjoy being a part of that learning environment and watching students grow and develop. This also helps to ensure that my counselling knowledge remains current.

I feel really passionate about working with adults, teens and young people in this way. Witnessing the positive changes that can occur over time is what motivates me and it’s an honour to be a part of that journey. A journey within a counselling space where you can be truly seen, heard, understood and appreciated for who you are, with no judgements or conditions placed on you. A journey of self discovery where you find the courage to look at yourself, your life experiences and your patterns of relating, in order to build resilience, good mental health, positive change and achieve your goals.

A time to just be, to start to look at whatever is causing a disturbance to your inner peace and harmony with no worry about how you may be perceived or who you may be impacting on.

Qualifications & Experience

Information you may like to know

Current Study Commitments

  • BSc Hons Psychology – The Open University – Completion May 2022
  • Level 5 Diploma Psychotherapeutic Counselling – Completion November 2021


Work Experience

  • Counsellor – Private Practice- Dunstable
  • Parenting Therapeutic Coach – Private Practice – Dunstable
  • Counsellor – With Challenging Behaviour Counselling Agency- Dunstable
  • Counsellor – With Place2be – School Based – London
  • Counselling Tutor- Further Education – Bucks College Group
  • Parenting Workshop Facilitator
  • Teenage Workshop Facilitator – Action4Youth
  • Support within main stream and SEN Schools
  • Ofsted approved Childminder/Nanny

Membership Bodies

  • BACP Registered Membership
  • BPS Membership
  • Current Enhanced DBS Check

Like many of us, life has also knocked me down at times and whilst your experiences will be completely different to mine, it feels important to acknowledge that I too have felt that rollercoaster of anger, fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, sadness, loss and low self-esteem. However, I firmly believe that every disappointment, challenge, fear or loss has led me to this point. I am now so fortunate to be fulfilling my life purpose in supporting adults, families, children and young people.

Life can impact negatively on all of us at some point in our lives. In this fast paced demanding world, where many of us find ourselves permanently accessible on line, absorbing so many daily pressures, is it any wonder that sometimes there just isn’t the resilience or the strength to deal with what life throws at us? When we are already managing a great deal of pressure, it’s understandable how quickly we can be taken out of our window of tolerance and stop being able to mange or lose sight of who we are and what we need.  There is no shame in reaching out for professional support and it is great that you are taking the first steps by viewing this website.

I am a warm and caring person who is here, when you are ready, to offer you support with your mental health and wellbeing.

You can also find me on Psychology Today UK and the Counselling Directory

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