A message for your child

Hey, It’s Janine here….How are you?


If your grown-up is showing you this page or reading it to you then they are probably a little bit worried about you.

They may have noticed that you are finding things a bit tricky – and that’s ok

It happens to most of us at some point, including me.

So why come and visit us?

Are your grown-ups shouting all the time? – Is your brother or sister annoying you?

Are your grown-ups living in different houses and this is making you sad?

Do you feel like nothing is ever fair?

Are friends or other people at school being mean or making you do things you don’t want to do? or are you worried about going to school?

Are you getting in trouble at school or at home? Or do you have tests at school that you’re worried about?

Do you have a phone and someone is upsetting you with messages or phone calls?

Do you feel scared, worried or angry and are not sure what to do about it?

Has someone you love passed away and that’s making you very sad?

Or is there something else worrying you?

Maybe you don’t think you have any worries but your grown-up is telling you that they are worried about you?

Charlie the worry monster helping to prepare your child for counselling

Do you feel happy like these two big emoji’s most of the time?

Or can you see another emoji on the tin that feels more like you?

If a grown-up thinks that you need some help, or if you would like some help, then how about coming for a visit to see what you think?

That may feel a bit scary and that’s ok. You don’t have to decide just yet because you don’t know us.

So to start with, let me tell you a bit about me.

Charlie the worry monster helping to prepare your child for counselling

A Bit About Me..

I’m a mum, I have a little boy but he’s not so little anymore. He’s 15 and he is much much taller than me. I will need a ladder soon to get a hug if he grows any more. Do you know any tall people?

We also have a tabby cat called Gizmo. He’s a very noisy cat, always talking. The only time he’s not chatty is when he’s sleeping. Do you know someone like that?

If you come to visit us, you may see him chilling out and rolling around in the garden. But he won’t come near you if you don’t like cats or are allergic to them.

I have spent many years working in schools with children and my job now is called a ‘counsellor.’

A counsellor is there to be on your side and really understand what it’s like for you everyday. Somone you can tell your stories to, who will really listen and get what you are saying. A counsellor can help you to work through things that may be worrying you so that they don’t take over like big scary monsters.

The best bit is that we can do all of this through play or drawing or making things if talking is too hard.

Charlie the worry monster helping to prepare your child for counselling

What it’s like here?

There are very few rules here. Only that we are kind to each other and to the things in the room and that we respect each other’s space.

The playroom is all yours for 50 minutes and you would come and visit at the same time every week and here we can play things your way. If we meet in a different Counselling room in order to meet specific needs or at your school, then some fun things to do would be brought along to the session.

Children also know that we don’t tell grown-ups about what you say or do in the room and that is called ‘confidentiality.’

It is very important that you have the space to feel free to play or talk about anything or anyone without worrying.

So counsellors here won’t be telling them anything but its absolutely ok if you want to tell them.

The only time a grown-up would be told anything about what has happened in a session is if you were being hurt or were in danger or if you were hurting someone or yourself.

Then, it would be important to tell someone else who could help because we care and want to keep you safe.  This will be explained more to you when you visit and you can ask any questions about it.

Charlie the worry monster helping to prepare your child for counselling

What happens first?

When you come and visit here at Courage2Be, you will come to a house with a big white garage door which leads to the playroom.

When you first, visit, your grown-up can come into the playroom in or into another agreed Counselling room, with us, until it feels ok for them to go and wait for you. It’s really important that you feel comfortable and happy to be here. However, for counselling to work, it’s important that you can spend time in the room with just the counsellor.

Charlie the worry monster helping to prepare your child for counselling

What will I do?

Children know that here, we have space that is full of fun stuff to do. There is lego, a dolls house and a farmyard. We also have paints and pens and glitter, clay, foam clay, games, cards, lots of miniature figures, puppets, cars, kinex, arts and crafts stuff, junk modelling and more.

We also have a friendly and cheeky worry monster called Charlie. Can you see him dotted all around the page?

When children tell him their fears and worries, we write them down and then he eats them all up. He takes your worries for you so that we have space to look at ways to help you be free of them or manage them.

Check out the photos in our gallery so that you get a better idea of what it would be like, here at Courage2Be.

Charlie the worry monster helping to prepare your child for counselling

So do you think you would be happy to come and meet us and see what you think of it here?

Cheeky Charlie, the worry monster and me are both really looking forward to meeting you.

If you’re ready then click the YES button so that your grown-up can fill in the contact form or phone me to get your counselling sorted.

See you soon 🙂


“Hey, worry not for Charlie’s here, our mascot who can hold your fears. This cheeky monster eats them up, to help you stop worrying about that worrying stuff. Come & visit, meet him, test him out, as helping you to feel better, is what we are all about.”


Charlie the worry monster helping to prepare your child for counselling

If you’re still not sure, then that’s okay too. When the time is right for you to visit, we will be here, waiting, just for you.

So until then…….

Here are lots of care and happy thoughts


Janine, Charlie and the Team

Charlie the worry monster helping to prepare your child for counselling