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Courage starts with showing up & letting ourselves be seen

~ Brene Brown ~


Children 6-12 yrs

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Young People (Teens)

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For Adults 18 +

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower children, young people and adults in overcoming mental health difficulties, life difficulties and trauma.

By facilitating self-belief, acceptance, understanding and the courage to ‘be,’ our aim is for people to enjoy what life has to offer in terms of positive experiences, new learning, healthy relationships and the ability to reach their full potential.

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Showing up for yourself, identifying what you need & communicating this to others, all whilst setting healthy boundaries, can take the courage of a lion at times.

On this journey of life and self discovery, crossroads appear all too often and it can be difficult to know what step to take next.

But, that on top of the world feeling, sense of self control & connection can be worth every step. The best part is, with Courage2Be Counselling Services, if we decide to work together, you don’t have to take those steps alone.